Are you up to date on the interior decorating trends for 2019? We have found six of this year’s biggest trends, that any interior enthusiast should know about. See this year’s trends and get inspiration for your interior decorating – right here.

1. New Nordic Movement

For many years, Nordic design has been synonymous with white, clean lines and minimalistic interior decorating. In recent years, however, a new Nordic movement has arisen. Nordic homes are now being decorated with textures, cosiness and colours – and these elements now play a larger role in the decor. The trend will continue in 2019 and beyond – and the Warm Nordic design universe is unavoidable if you want to be a part of this trend. At Warm Nordic, the focus is on creating warm, cosy homes with carefully selected favourite designs and wonderful colour. Materials and quality are primary elements, both in the new Nordic movement and at Warm Nordic.

Galore modular sofa / Grace pouf

With the simultaneously modern and classical expression, the Galore sofa designed by Rikke Frost is stunning in all colours and textiles. Especially the warm, golden tones contribute with a homely glow in the focal point of the home – the living room. The elegant Grace pouf, here upholstered with a stunning and colourful velvet textile, that exudes cosiness and comfort.

Bloom table lamp

Svend Aage Holm-Sørensen was truly a master of lighting and is behind a large range of Danish desgin’s most iconic lamp designs. Among others is the Bloom lamp which, with its unique expression and details, is a stunning addition to any home. The lamp comes in six different, stunning colours that are in perfect harmony with the elegant brass details. Choose the lamp in an expressional colour to add warmth and personality to your home.

Secant coffee table

With the Oxide Red frame and the solid redveined marble table top, Secant is the perfect sofa table to accommodate this year’s colour trend. The table exudes personality, and its unique expression and eye-catching colours stand in perfect contrast to the classical and timeless choice of materials and idiom.

2. Sustainability

The year’s dominant trend is undoubtedly sustainability – and this trend is here to stay. There are many ways to focus on sustainability where furniture and interior decorating are concerned. As a consumer, you can select furniture which is sustainably manufactured or made of sustainable materials.

Sustainability can also be the ability to decorate selectively. There is a trend towards more curated homes with handpicked furniture and designs. Focus on choosing quality over quantity. Quality furniture can last for decades – maybe even centuries, and can be handed down through the generations. Invest in timeless and durable furniture to support more sustainable consumption.

At Warm Nordic, quality and good craftsmanship are the main elements. All designs, classic and new alike, are made with durable quality materials.

Evermore dining table / Gesture dining chair

The timeless Evermore dining table is designed in 1955 by Arne Hovmand-Olsen, whose passion was furniture of high quality and craftsmanship. Evermore has, besides its beautiful looks, also a series of functional elements. An extension can be added to extend the table, and a small, discrete compartment beneath the tabletop allows for a handy storage of the extension modules. That way they table is perfect for everyday use and for when you’ve invited guests over, where you need more space around the timeless and classical table.

Gap candleholder / Gourmet Wood Trivet

The Gap candleholder is made of solid marble and is therefore very durable and will last for many years to come. The beautiful candleholder is truly special – the unique structure of the marble means that no two candleholders are the same.

Gourmet Wood Trivets are made of solid wood, which likewise has a long durability. As wood is a natural material, it will age with time, giving the beautiful trivets a unique expression.

Fringe pendant

Fringe pendant is a unique lamp. Designed in 1960 by the Swedish lighting master Hans-Agne Jakobsson, it has been a highly sought-after collectors item for years. The composition of brass ensures a long durability, where the metal will only become more beautiful in time thanks to the surrounding’s impact on the patina.

Mr. Olsen lounge chair / Mr. Olsen sofa / Secant coffee table

In 2019, Warm Nordic launched a particularly sustainable collection of iconic Hans Olsen designs on the occasion of the architect’s 100th birthday. This included the award-winning Fried Egg chair, Mr. Olsen sofa and lounge chair and the classic Gesture dining chair – all with FSC-certified wood frames and clad in sustainable textiles.

Mr. Olsen lounge chair

This included Re-wool from Kvadrat – a textile which employs scraps from Kvadrat’s own production – and Merit by Maharam, consisting of 76 percent recycled polyester. The sustainable anniversary collection also marks the start of more sustainable production in the furniture industry.

Dainty pouf

3. Pastels in Fresh Colours

In recent years, colourful decoration has become increasingly incorporated into Nordic homes – and this year we see a trend in which natural materials and slightly muted tones are embraced. This translates to more furniture in beautiful, solid wood, upholstery in calm nuances and wall colours in fresh pastels. Pastels and calm nuances are a strong trend for 2019, and the colour-happy universe at Warm Nordic offers endless opportunities to spot a favourite pastel, perfect for both the year’s colour trend and your own unique decorating style.

Herringbone coffee table

The beautiful Herringbone Tile coffee table from the popular series of the same name, is designed by Danish Charlotte Høncke. The table comes in four different, carefully selected colours. One of them is the lovely Honey Yellow, which truly lives up to this year’s pastel trend. The table is also available as a dining table, console table and side table.

Gesture dining chair

The highly acclaimed architect Hans Olsen is behind the original Gesture dining chair, that comes in all of 37 varieties. A wide range of these are upholstered with stunning, pastel tones – so there’s one for every taste!

Noble dining chair / Daisy stool

The Noble chair is simultaneously modern and classical in its expression. With the upholstered seat, Noble offers a comfortable seating whilst also being stunning. The upholstering is available in a wide variety of different materials and colours – a lot of them are pretty pastels.

Ambience table lamp

The Ambience table lamp is available in all of 12 different silk matte colours. The original, Danish design is characterised by being simultaneously simple and sculptural, and is perfectly accompanied by the stunning, carefully selected colours. The lamp is available in a wide range of pastel varieties. Find your favourite here.

4. Organic shapes

In 2019 and onwards, there will be a greater general focus on naturalness in the decor. Wooden furniture and natural colours are popular, and there is a growing demand for furniture with organic shapes. Organic shapes have been highly influential in furniture design for many decades. Internationally recognised design icons such as the Finnish Eero Saarinen, Japanese-American Isamu Noguchi, and Danish Verner Panton have left a substantial fingerprint on international furniture art with their recognisable, soft design language.

Furniture with organic shapes is in demand, timeless, and currently subject to increased focus. At Warm Nordic, we are honoured to be custodians of the design legacy of a number of internationally recognised designers, such as Hans Olsen, who celebrates a 100th anniversary in 2019, as well as the Swedish glass master Gunnar Cyrén and Jacob Hermann from Denmark. These classic designers each have their own unique design style, but they all employ an organic design language.

The Orange lounge chair / Lean Back Lounge Chair

The distinctive The Orange lounge chair is designed by Hans Olsen and gets its name from the shape of the back and seat, which resemble orange peels. The chair’s unique, whimsical idiom reflects the designer’s playful take on furniture design.

The Lean Back lounge chair has a more classical expression, and it’s clear to see that the designer, Arne Hovmand-Olsen has used organic references in the design. The classical idiom with the rounded armrests and legs add a unique warmth and personality to the chair’s expression.

Cow Horn Chair

The original, Danish design, Cow Horn dining chair, is characterized by its unique backrests, which is where the chair’s name originates. The shape is inspired by the horns of a cow, and the distinctive chair is both classical and unique.

Twirling Birds

Danish Jacob Hermann is behind the popular Twirling Birds in solid wood. The organic shaped birds are the perfect gift idea, and are available in four different sizes and luxurious wood types. See them here.

Arctic vase

The elegant Arctic vase is characterized by the soft idiom, beautiful grooves along the sides and the bubbles at the bottom. The design is from 1968 by the highly acclaimed Swedich glass artist Gunnar Cyrén, and is now, for the first time, in production at Warm Nordic. The beautiful vase with organic forms and details is available in two different sizes.

5. A Tribute to the Past

Many pieces of furniture that were modern in the 1950s and 1960s are now brought back to life and relaunched for modern times. The designs from back then relay the story of good craftsmanship – which is not just beautiful, but also practical and sustainable. Good craftsmanship and the use of good, solid materials such as the perpetual Nordic favourite, wood, will last for many generations and is easy to polish and re-upholster when eventually they need to be revitalised. Old designs from the golden age of the Danish furniture industry are being relaunched – and are welcomed with great enthusiasm by design lovers all over the world.

Daisy stool / Fried Egg lounge chair

The Fried Egg chair is an excellent example of the re-birth of a classic from the past. The iconic design was created by designer and architect Hans Olsen. Warm Nordic has worked closely with the designer’s heirs and is honoured to now be able to reproduce the original Danish design chair. The chair was launched with great success and, among other things, won the title Reader Favourite of the Year at the 2018 Design Awards.

There is also a current trend where new and old designs are combined to create a personalised decor look. The combination of classic furniture and more modern designs creates a certain dynamic and is one of the strongest current trends in Danish and Scandinavian homes. Whereas before the focus was on creating a decorating style, there is now also a focus on creating a mood. A home should be cosy and reflect the personality of whoever lives there.

This way of thinking is at the very heart of Warm Nordic. For this very reason, and in close dialogue with the designers’ heirs, we have been given the honour of reproducing a number of original, Danish designs from the 50s and 60s and to combine these with contemporary, modern designs created specifically for the Warm Nordic universe.

Herringbone Tile dining table / Gesture dining chair / Opal Shade pendant

The popular Herringbone Tile dining table designed by Charlotte Høncke in 2017 is the perfect match for Hans Olsen’s iconic Gesture dining chairs from 1957 and the opal glass pendants designed by Svend Aage Holm-Sørensen in 1959.

Rúna desk / Noble dining chair / Ambience table lamp / From Above side table / Lightsome floor lamp / Balloon lounge chair

The photo above perfectly illustrates how new and old designs can be mixed. The beautiful, timeless desk is designed in 2014 by Isabel Ahm and is perfectly accompanies by the classical, original Noble dining chair from 1959 designed by Arne Hovmand-Olsen. The two beautiful lamps are both designs by Danish master of lighting, Svend Aage Holm-Sørensen and are stunning in any setting. The dinstinctive Balloon lounge chair is designed by Hans Olsen in 1955 and is the perfect match for the From Above side table from 2017.

6. Natural Decorating

In addition to the year’s main colour trend of soft pastels and muted nuances, another growing trend can be observed in the Nordic furniture and decorating arena. We are increasingly bringing nature into our homes. This manifests in more furniture in natural materials: wood, weaves, and marble – but nature is also allowed to put its mark on our homes in terms of colours. This makes 2019 the year in which colours such as brown and green in a variety of nuances and textiles are particularly prevalent in decorations. This is a good match for the other 2019 trends, including a demand for organically shaped furniture – which again connects with nature.

Cow Horn Chair

The trend has among others focus on materials, where especially wood is popular. During 2019 and forward there will be a lot of attention to detail – such as this beautiful wooden construction on the back- and armrests of the Cow Horn Chair.

Fried Egg Sheep lounge chair

The award-winning Fried Egg lounge chair is available in three stunning wool varieties, upholstered with sheepskin, which is one of the most popular materials for upholstery at the moment.

Secant coffee table / Beak Birds

The Secant coffee table comes in two sizes and a range of different colours and materials. Seen here in a stunning and classical black marble with an elegant steel frame. Marble is a timeless and classical natural material, that will be popular for many years to come – if not always.
On the beautiful coffee table is another nature-inspired design object – a Beak Bird designed by Svend Aage Holm-Sørensen in 1961. The whimsical bird comes in four different varieties with each their own, unique personality, and is the perfect addition to any home.

Be My Guest bench / Beak Birds

The popular Be My Guest bench is designed by Charlotte Høncke. Here seen with a seat of French Cane, which is a natural material that has truly won popularity in the Nordic homes in recent years – and whose popularity will continuously increase. A couple of curious Beak Birds have been placed on the stunning bench, and contribute with charm and personality to the interior.

Beak Birds

Carved Wood Tray / Gourmet Wood Trivets

Carved Wood Tray is simultaneously unique and simple. The wood plays the lead role in the design, and the beautiful wooden tray can be used as both a functional and pretty element in the home.

The same goes for the Gourmet Wood Trivets, whose actual function is to shield the surface beneath from the warmth of hot pots and pans. But the stunning design can also be used as underlay for salt- and pepper grinders, candleholders or other pretty objects.

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