Stack is a new collection of elegant candleholders and vases made of beautiful, coloured mouth-blown glass. As indicated by its name, Stack can be stacked on top of each other. Accordingly, the range invites you to create a personal look by mixing and matching various colours and shapes. The changeable expression is a central part of the design and particularly important for the designers, who are lovingly encouraging you to play with new compositions with Stack and create your own narrative with the candleholders and vase.

The organic and playful design is created by Norwegian design duo Studio Føy, consisting of the young designers Guro Sørbø Midtun and Siri Line. The talented duo received the design award “Innovation of the year” in 2017 by interior design magazine Bo Bedre in Norway. Studio Føy’s design is made to retain its beauty over time. With stack, the duo wants to create a narrative and vivid design that enriches modern homes with authenticity and warmth for years to come.

Stack, large tealight, EUR 30       Stack set, EUR 75

Love of glass art
Both vases and candleholders are made of mouth-blown glass. The glass has a weight and finesse that reflect the luxurious quality and good craftsmanship. The Stack range includes candleholders in three different sizes and a vase. All parts are available in various colours that together reflect Warm Nordic’s warm and cosy universe.

Warm Nordic has a great love of glass art, the vivid material offering endless opportunities. That is why Stack has been handpicked for the Warm Nordic range as a celebration of iconic Nordic design that contributes with valuable diversity and depth in modern interior design.

Stack set, EUR 75

Create personal decorations
With Stack, only your imagination sets the limits. Due to its unique design, Stack gives you endless opportunities to decorate according to your very own taste.

The candleholders and vases can be stacked and combined to match your interior design both in terms of colour, height, shapes and look. Are you looking for a minimalist and stylish look? Then go for one colour and use delicate, elegant stalks. If you want to create a decorative colour play, you can combine more colours and heights or choose more bulky bouquets and flowers for the vases. The small candleholders can also be used as vases or filled with decorative content. Place them down a dining table in an elegant display with candles or decorate a shelf unit, shelf or windowsill with the colourful design.

Get inspired and make creative decorations that elevate the mood and make for eye-catching features in your home.

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Stack set, EUR 75

Stack small tealight, EUR 22            Stack large tealight, EUR 30            Stack vase, EUR 37

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