Hans Olsen’s remarkable designs from the 1950s are vivid examples of the beautiful diversity of Danish Modernism. Danish architect and industrial designer took on the classic virtues of the Academy of Fine Arts and the great master, Kaare Klint, but opted for a more playful and experimental approach to furniture design.

Hans Olsen challenged contemporary production methods and much of his inspiration came from the opportunities offered by moulding wood. A refusal to compromise in terms of comfort, functionality and aesthetics is Hans Olsen’s trademark, and his iconic design attracts just as much attention today as it did back then. After consultation with Hans Olsen’s family, Warm Nordic will uphold the design legacy of this great architect and will regularly launch more House of Hans Olsen uncompromising designs.

Hans Olsen (1919-1992) made his own special mark on the Danish Modernism of the 1950s with his consummately designed, characterful furniture. Today, several of his design classics are collector icons and sell for high prices at international auctions.

Fried Egg designed by Hans Olsen.

Nordic design within reach

The key feature of the Gesture chair is its accommodating design, which is moulded in a single piece. In both aesthetic and ergonomic terms, it is a successful result of Hans Olsen’s fascination with this method of manufacture. Gesture chair has its own unique character, flinging open its arms and saying ‘Welcome’. It has been specially selected for the Warm Nordic range as a tribute to iconic Nordic design that invests modern décor with invaluable diversity and depth.

Gesture Chair is available in an abundance of stunning colours and comes in a unique type of wood, with seat upholstery or with seat-and back upholstery.

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