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Jo Hammerborg

Dane Jo Hammerborg (1920-1982) was deeply fascinated by the sky, and his passion for flying and parachuting was a major source of inspiration for his innovative as well as popular lamp design, which has received several international awards. In the 100th anniversary of Jo Hammerborg's birth, Warm Nordic is launching a Jo Hammerborg line as a tribute to the remarkable Danish designer and his impressive lamp production.



The beautiful Medium the pendant floats lightly and elegantly in the room, as if it were a celestial body in the celestial space that Jo Hammerborg was so fascinated by. The pendant is shaped like a hemisphere and is a multi-layered lamp design, creating a beautiful light effect that does not dazzle. The original design is inspired by Jo Hammerborg's great passion for flying and skydiving: the individual layers unfold beautifully, exactly like a parachute, and the pendant possesses a distinctive harmony and lightness that makes it a true design classic.

Tromboneseries was designed in 1966. The lamp shade consists of a very simple metal cylinder, which has a circle of narrow vertical slits punched out both above and below, which allow the light to pass through the metal and illuminate the fixture. In combination with the white inside of the cylinder, it creates a uniquely beautiful light effect, and the light can be controlled as needed by moving the flexible lamp head up or down. The cylinder balances elegantly between two slender metal rods connected by a single crossbar – a design expression that brings to mind a draft trumpet and inspired the lamp's name – while the square base emphasizes the tight geometric design.