Some of our designs are already to be found in Nordic homes. See the selection of the great photos and be inspired to decorate your own home with Warm Nordic designs.

Photo: Louise T. Johansen @mortilmernee

The distinguished Ambience table lamp found a home with @mortilmernee, where it features as a little work of art on the shelf alongside favourite books and personal ornaments. It adds to a wonderful blend of expressive, colourful objects.

Find the Ambience table lamp here.

Photo: Trine Kjær @trineswardrobe

The exclusive Herringbone Tile console table plays a central role in the home of @trineswardrobe. The beautiful console table is used for displaying a distinctive selection of vases and lamps, and a lovely picture, which can be changed in next to no time to suit the owner’s mood.

Herringbone Tile is a Charlotte Høncke design and is available in four different colour combinations.

View the Herringbone Tile console table here

Photo: Pernille Teisbæk @pernilleteisbaek

In the home of Pernille Teisbæk, the elegant tiles of the Herringbone Tile console table really come into their own, with objects in contrasting colours highlighting the stunning green colour. The tiles are laid by hand in Denmark in the most eye-catching herringbone pattern, and you can use the console table in any room in the house.

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Photo: Louise Rohde @goldenghetto

The Bloom table lamp was designed in 1954 by that grand master of Danish lighting, Svend Aage Holm-Sørensen. It is easy to find a place in any home for a lamp with such a timeless design. Its elegant expression really comes to the fore in the home of @goldenghetto, where the Bloom lamp combines beautifully with objects in the same bluish-green shade.

You can find the Bloom table lamp here

Photo: Fie Frøling @woodlandwhim

Green is good for your eyes!  @woodlandwhim has really taken this mantra to heart, and the elegant Bloom table lamp in Pine Green fits in perfectly with the numerous beautiful plants. It provides a source of light that blends naturally with the existing, incredibly welcoming décor.

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Photo: Trine Kjær @trineswardrobe

Sculptural and unique! In the home of @trineswardrobe the Bloom table lamp is given plenty of space and the sculptural shape really comes into its own. Here a beautiful little brass table makes a perfect match for the lamp’s solid brass rod, while the rose-coloured wall highlights the striking Dusty Green shade.

You can buy the Bloom table lamp here.

Photo: Michelle Nielsen @stonemuse

The unique, solid brass details and Rusty Red shade of the Brass Top table lamp are elegantly accompanied by a modern plant and printer’s type case in the home of @stonemuse. The characteristic light holes along the edge of the metal shade are left to beam brightly, providing elegant illumination for the objects around it.

See the Brass Top table lamp in 6 colours here.

Photo: Carina Ervill @mrscarlissa

Feminine style is given pride of place in the home of @mrscarlissa, where the elegant Gesture Chair serves as a striking contrast to the dressing table. The ergonomic design and soft upholstered seat of the Gesture Chair provide a very special place to sit for cosy moments.

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Photo: Juila Cathrine This @copenhagenwilderness

The Bloom table lamp in Black Noir fits perfectly into the home of @copenhagenwilderness. The black and white universe also features striking orange contrasts, so the Bloom table lamp is a natural feature in the interior and yet another choice work of art in the collection.

Shop the Bloom table lamp here.

Photo: Malene Marie Møller @boligcious

The armrests and moulded design of the Gesture Chair invite you to sit down and relax, whether at a dining table or in an office, where it is nice to have a rather special chair. In the home of @boligcious the Gesture Chair provides an extra seat in the office, where its welcoming design creates a warm, relaxing atmosphere.

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Photo: Caroline Nehring @carolinenehring

The home of @carolinenehring is all about cosy nooks and crannies. Here the iconic Bloom table lamp is joined by the elegant Herringbone Tile console tile with Pine Green tiles. This is a fine example of how the combination of new and old design can make for a wonderfully personal, stylish look.

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Photo:: Trine Rødsgaard @trineroed

The Ambience table lamp is available in an impressive 12 different colour combinations. In the home of @trineroed, in the company of other Danish design objects, a Warm White version exudes harmony and simplicity.

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Photo: Malene Marie Møller @boligcious

Its combination of both playful and sharp lines makes the Bloom table lamp a striking element on a desk. In the home of @boligcious, the Sky Grey shade of the Bloom table lamp creates a sense of tranquillity, while the characteristic holes in a simple pattern along the edge of the metal shade lend an extra dimension to the lighting effect.

Bloom table lamp 

Photo: Allan Torp @bungalow5dk

In the home of @bungalow5dk, the Gesture Chair serves as an office chair. Its upholstered seat and inviting design make it perfect for contemplation and help make those daily tasks so much easier. The chair was designed in 1955 by the acclaimed Danish architect, Hans Olsen. Its unique design harmonises excellently with the modern, design-conscious décor.

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