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Halskov & Dalsgaard

The award-winning design duo behind Halskov & Dalsgaard is united in a continuous search for functionality and innovative solutions that elevate everyday objects to design objects. Halskov & Dalsgaard's design stems from great creativity, a desire to create and a sense of design and aesthetics, which can also be traced in their more industrial designs. In addition to a background as industrial designers, Christina Halskov and Hanne Dalsgaard are also both trained architects with a clear historical awareness. Elements from the Scandinavian design tradition, together with international currents and references, find their way into their design in everything from materials to lines and colors.


The Affinity dining table is characterized by its simple and relevant expression and was designed by the architect and design duo Halskov & Dalsgaard with all the good times in mind, the table must be an essential part of it. Material choices such as linoleum and linoleum radiate warmth and friendliness, while the base in a very simple design and a bevelled table edge move the table from everyday object to aesthetic design object with a light and almost floating appearance.