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Hans Olsen

Hans Olsen's remarkable designs from the 50s are living examples of the beautiful diversity of Danish modernism. The Danish architect and industrial designer took the classical virtues with him from the art academy and teacher Kaare Klint, but chose a more playful and experimental approach to furniture design.

Hans Olsen challenged the production methods of the time and found, among other things, great inspiration in the possibility of bending wood. Uncompromising in relation to comfort, functionality and aesthetics is Hans Olsen's trademark, and his iconic design arouses international attention then and now. Warm Nordic, in dialogue with Hans Olsen's family, takes care of the design legacy of the great architect and will continuously launch more uncompromising designs in the House of Hans Olsen.

Hans Olsen (1919-1992) left his own mark on 1950s Danish modernism with his well-rounded furniture with personality. Several design classics from the hand of the Danish architect are today collectors' icons and are sold for high bids at international auctions. 



Fried Egg has, due to its characteristic and sculptural design, been given the whimsical nickname The Fried Egg, because that is exactly what the chair with its round cushion in the middle resembles when viewed from above. The Fried Egg has for many years been a sought-after collector's icon, which only a few were lucky enough to get their hands on at the international auction houses. Warm Nordic has had the honor of reproducing the beautiful chair, which is available in both textiles and materials true to the chair's design heritage at the time, but also with more contemporary, modern textiles and color combinations.

Gesture Chair has its own personality that welcomes you with open arms. The chair is characterized by its welcoming design, which is molded in one piece, and is both a beautiful and ergonomically successful result of Hans Olsen's fascination with that particular production method. The Gesture Chair has been specially selected for Warm Nordic as a tribute to iconic Nordic design, which contributes valuable diversity and depth to the modern interior.