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Isabel Ahm

For Isabel Ahm, every design begins with studies of humans and everyday life combined with innovation and aesthetics. Isabel Ahm embraces everyday habits and needs in her original furniture and product designs, where the objects fulfill each role and each unique potential in the interior in the most beautiful way. As a child of the Danish design tradition, quality, functionality, poetry and the little twist are essential for Isabel Ahm, who in an eternal pursuit of the best constantly seeks to explore and renew everyday design and thereby carry the tradition on.

The Danish designer Isabel Ahm creates beautiful and functional design that addresses human nature and needs. She has had a design studio in her own name in Copenhagen since 2009.



Rune means a mixture of whisper, advice and secret in Old Norse. The design draws several threads to the past, not least the classic aesthetics of the 50s and love for wood. At the same time, Isabel Ahm with Rúna addresses a contemporary – and future – need to surround oneself with soulful furniture of high quality and functionality.