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Knud Færch

Already early in life, the smell of wood and the means of aesthetics made an impression on Knud Færch when he was with his father at the joiner's workshop and in his furniture shop. The fascination led Knud Færch to study interior design and a landmark meeting with Finn Juhl. The Danish architect was a teacher in the subject of furniture design and inspired Knud Færch to create his own flourishing career as a furniture architect in the 50s and 60s.

Knud Færch's furniture design takes the form of sculptural masterpieces in wood, and throughout his life he kept returning to the chair as a design object. For Knud Færch, a chair was a sculpture that defines a room like no other piece of furniture, and he made it his mission to combine timeless design with optimal sitting comfort. Warm Nordic, in dialogue with Knud Færch's family, takes care of the design legacy of the great furniture architect and will continuously launch several iconic designs in the House of Knud Færch.


The Cow Horn Chair stands out with its masterful craftsmanship, comfort in a class of its own and an iconic design that inscribes itself in the idiom of the era. Knud Færch's lifelong love of wood and special understanding of craftsmanship has resulted in the Cow Horn Chair dining chair in a timeless design based on the nature of the wood. The furniture architect was particularly interested in the chair as a sculptural element and caused international attention with his designs. The Cow Horn Chair has been specially selected for the Warm Nordic range as a tribute to iconic Nordic design, which contributes valuable diversity and depth to modern interior design.