Welling/Ludvik – Warm Nordic

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Using modern materials and production techniques, Welling/Ludvik gives new life to the virtues for which Nordic design and craftsmanship are world-renowned: the high quality, the formidable craftsmanship and the timeless expression. Behind the design duo are Danish Hee Welling and Icelandic Gudmundur Ludvik, who, alongside their individual design companies, seek new perspectives and sustainable solutions together.

Welling/Ludvik's design is defined by a completely clean aesthetic with reference to the Scandinavian design tradition. Every redundancy is stripped away and every detail serves a precise purpose based on a fundamental Welling/Ludvik belief that good design will always be interesting, even when reduced to its simplest form.

Hee Welling and Gudmundur Ludvik are both trained furniture designers. In addition, Gudmundur also has a background as a joiner and sculptor and Hee has been very successful with his international designs. As a design duo, they stand strong and united in the continuation and rethinking of Nordic aesthetics.



With its elaborate shape and delicious finish, it invites Pebble- the seat to the touch and bears witness to a proud Scandinavian tradition of craftsmanship of the highest quality. Pebble is available in three different heights. The design of the stool and bar stool is inspired by stones found on the beach, which after centuries of exposure to nature have been ground soft and round. Similarly, the seats on the Pebble are slightly asymmetrical with an organic shape that redeems the beauty of the wood.