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Gunnar Cyrén

Every single day, the great Swedish silversmith, glass artist and industrial designer Gunnar Cyrén tried to reinvent beauty. Gunnar Cyrén alternated between working mainly with silver and glass in a living symphony of creative urge, joy of color – and humility. Always faithful to the material in his search for authenticity, and always faithful to the craftsmanship itself through countless experiments in the glass workshop at the legendary Orrefors - and from 1976 in the workshop in his own silver smithy. Gunnar Cyrén's diverse life's work offers everything from works of art and ceremonial objects to beautiful utility items, created from a fundamental philosophy that craftsmanship in its very essence must convey beauty.

Gunnar Cyrén (1931-2013) had a great impact on the development of Swedish glass art from the 60s to the 90s. Award-winning Gunnar Cyrén is, among other things, behind the exclusive Nobel glass series, which since 1991 has graced the tables at the awarding of the Nobel Prize, and both his glass art and original silver works are in demand at international auctions.


The Arctic vase is made of clear mouth-blown glass with fine grooves on the side and bubbles at the bottom, which give an exclusive look and extra weight to the vase. With its high quality and timeless elegance, the Arctic vase is a stylish companion to classic bouquets, beautiful with wild wildflowers and refined for simple branches. An exclusive and original vase from a flourishing era in glass art.